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Cooperation and Opportunities

For companies and institutions IS Journal offers the following advantages :

  • Advertisement space in both printed and online version of our journals. The printed journal will be distributed to numerous universities and institutions in Indonesia, while the online version will be available directly through our website. The product(s) and/or service(s) advertised in our journal will reach a large number of domestic and international audiences.
  • Advertisement space in our website, which is the main source of all our journals. Due to the Open Journal System (OJS) system used by IS Journal, we predict that there will be a very high number of visitors to the website, which will also view your advertisement.
  • An increase of your reputation in terms of supporting scholarly and research activities.

You could enjoy the aforementioned benefits by providing any of the followings:

  • Peer reviewer. As acceptance of manuscript in IS Journal is based on peer review process, we are looking competent reviewers to take part in our operation. The peer reviewers will actively participate in deciding the acceptance status of a submitted manuscript.
  • Financial support. IS Journal is a non-profit organization that imposes no publication charge to the accepted manuscripts, as long as it complies with the maximum length outlined in the submission guidelines. Thus, we offer the opportunity of sponsoring our operation to individuals, companies and institutions in Indonesia and around the world.

For Indonesian student organizations around the globe, we offer the following advantages

  • Promotion space for any of your activities that are related to science and technology, such as conferences, etc.
  • Technical support for the activities mentioned above. IS Journal consists of competent individuals that have or had been actively involved as a committee member in conference(s). Moreover, we are very knowledgeable in terms of scholarly activities, including paper submission and review processes. Thus, we are able to provide help in terms of such activities of yours.
  • Opportunity for publishing your conference’s best papers in our journal. We offer this as recognition to both the author(s) for his/her/their significant findings and to you for encouraging such high quality publication through your conference.

You could enjoy the aforementioned benefits by providing any of the followings:

  • Promote and advertise IS Journal activities in the country where your organization is located.
  • Encourage your members to take part in our activities and to submit manuscript(s) to our journal.

For more information about these wonderful opportunities, please contact our sponsorship officer at