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Guideline for Editor and Staff

This section is designed to cater for our editors at Indonesian Scholars Journal. As an IS Journal editor, you provide an invaluable service and we strive to offer you the support and assistance you need. In this section you will find a range of information including the editorial board’s role, how your support team at IS Journal is structured and how you can organize the publication process at IS Journal Editorial System (IES)


Editorial Board’s Role

The Editorial Board, sometimes known as the (Editorial) Advisory Board, is a team of individuals in the journal’s field. Some individuals may also belong to the Editorial Boards of other journals. The Board’s role consists of:

  • Expertise in subject matter

  • Reviewing submitted manuscripts

  • Advising on journal policy and scope

  • Identifying subjects and conferences for special issues which they might also help to organize and/or guest edit

  • Attracting new authors and submissions

  • Ideally submitting some of their own work for consideration.


Technical Team

Editors are supported by a team of contacts at IS Journal, the main five being:

[Executive Board]

  • Your primary contact

  • Responsible for the overall success of the journal

  • Long-term journal strategy and implementation of the strategy

  • Responsible for appointing/replacing Editors and Editorial Board members

  • Supporting Editors and Editorial Board members in their activities by sending updates on key performance indicators, journal statistics, arranging teleconferences and physical meetings where possible, analysing competitive situation, developing content ideas

  • Arranges the journal’s finances

  • Develops plans for Special Issues, in collaboration with the editor

  • Advises on any publishing ethics issues

[Publication Officer]

  • Supports production process from acceptance to publication, both in print and electronically

  • Communicates issue deadlines to Editors

  • Coordinates with Guest Editors on production of special issues

  • Supports authors throughout production process, ensuring articles are typeset, corrected, and published in timely fashion according to minimum standards

  • Implements any updates to print journal

[Public and Media Relation]

  • Joint responsibility for marketing plans

  • Implements marketing plans, using a combination of online, print and physical channels

  • Increases the journal’s profile using websites, social media, RSS feeds, search engine optimization and email communications

  • Evaluates marketing actions and develops effective technique

[Sponsorship and Cooperation]

  • Maintain on-going relationship with sponsors

  • Increase corporate levels of participation in IS Journal

  • Contact prospective companies and individuals that have interest in supporting IS Journal through a professional solicitation process.

[Information Technology Support]

  • Arranges any necessary updates to the configuration of IS Journal Editorial System (IES)

  • Responsible for website operation and maintenance