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ISSC 2014


Indonesian Student Scientific Conference

Strengthening a nation through food self-sufficiency

22 November 2014

We realize that researches have important role in coping with the food self-sufficiency issues. Students and researchers worldwide can make contributions in the effort of achieving food sovereignty through researches they carried out. This conference aims to gather ideas and findings to contribute in solving the issue. Furthermore, this conference would also bridge them to the policy makers, where the conference outputs will be transformed into policy recommendations and will be submitted to the relevant parties that directly deal with those issues. 
We welcome international students and researchers to capture more ideas and achieve a broader understanding of the problem context, methodologies and relevant results. Those findings can subsequently be used as comparative studies and inputs to decision maker to achieve food sovereignty in Indonesia.
This year, the Indonesian Student Scientific Conference raises the following topic:
”Strengthening a nation through food self-sufficiency”
The above topic will be classified into several subtopics as follows:
  • Food and Agricultural science – recent founding and discursion in food and agricultural science
  • Technological application – with the main focus in the applied technology for food and agriculture to support food security and food self-sufficiency.
  • Sustainable land use and infrastructure – covers the issues on agricultural land use and infrastructure, and the environmental impacts within the agricultual framework.
  • Agricultural Policy and socio economics – covers the socio-economics related issues in agricultural practices and management within the policy and political framework.
Students and researchers are invited to submit abstract on any of the listed topics adressing various issues and insight in food production that could be employed to enhance a nation's strength. Abstract should be submitted to with your name, institution/organization/university, and the topic in MS-Word forat in single-spaced 11 point Times New Roman including figures and/or tables within 2 A4-page limit.
For details and templates visit:
Authors of selected abstracts will be requested to submit full paper and provide presentation in the conference.
All full papers will be published in the conference proceedings. Best papers will be recommended for publication in the the Indonesian Scholars Journal. 
Important Dates
Abstract Deadline: 5 September 2014
Selection Result: 29 September 2014