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Motivation and Aims


Our Motivation

Research is one of the scientific aspects in Indonesia that have not been accommodated optimally. More specifically, the documentation of results from researches performed by Indonesian students and researchers around the globe has not been well performed, such that world-class research communities are often unaware of these excellent researches. Therefore, only a limited number of these researches have been recognized by the international communities. As a result, there are many opportunities being lost, since, in fact, a lot of Indonesian scholars are actively learning and performing research around the world. A solid media to promote excellent research findings and to connect researchers to each other as well as other entities (e.g. government and general society) is therefore a must to circumvent the aforementioned problem.

Scientific journal is one of the most well-known, well-used means for researchers to share research findings and to communicate effectively among each other. Here, the findings can be reported in a well-structured manner with a guaranteed validity. Although there are a lot of reputable Indonesian researchers with cutting-edge researches around the globe, it is still a struggle to maintain, if not to start, an internationally accepted journal.

Based on the condition above, the Overseas Indonesian Students Association Alliance (OISAA) started an initiative of establishing an international scientific journal that accommodates Indonesian students and researchers called the Indonesian Scholars Journal (IS Journal). The journal’s scope itself is very broad, all the disciplines studied by the scholars located either domestically or abroad are included. In the long-term, IS Journal has the ambition to be indexed by highly reputable institutions, such as Scopus and ISI Web of Knowledge.

Besides (1) acting as a mean of effective communication for Indonesian scholars among themselves and with other entities, IS Journal’s most important role is (2) to validate the credibility of researches performed by Indonesian scholars. This is very crucial, because without credibility, a research will not be considered worthwhile. Last, but not the least, IS Journal (3) acts as Indonesian scholars’ form of real contribution towards the advancement of research in the whole and as a way of building solid knowledge foundations for the development of Indonesia both as a nation and as a country.

Our Aims

Our specific goals are:

  1. Providing a mean of knowledge sharing and research publication for Indonesian scholars.
  2. Providing a forum to prepare Indonesian students to become world-class researchers.
  3. Giving information about research topics and the related technical intricacies that are not discussed in common classroom environments.
  4. Facilitating the discussion of topics prominent to education and researches.
  5. Enabling universities in Indonesia to showcase the researches undergone by their programs.
  6. Motivating students to produce high-quality researches in their study.
  7. Providing a practical training for Indonesian scholars who are interested in the process of managing and reviewing in a scientific journal.