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Submission Guideline

We invite potential authors to submit their articles to the Indonesian Scholars Journal (IS Journal). Articles that passed our peer reviewing process (give link to “Paper review process -> peer review and guidelines” page) will be published in our first edition journal on July 2013.

IS Journal invites high quality materials in the fields of Physical Sciences; Life Science and Medicine; Mathematics and Engineering; and Social and Behavioral Sciences. We do not accept article that is protected by copyright, have been published, or have been accepted for publication in other journal. Exceptions are given to articles that have been published in limited scope, appear only in abstract form, or have appeared in a conference and/or conference proceeding. Author(s) have to clearly indicate if their article belongs to these three categories. An article must be significantly revised to meet the standards and requirements of a journal paper, if it has been previously presented in a conference. Plagiarism will be assumed if an article is highly similar to its conference version; thus, it will be rejected directly.
Every article submitted to IS Journal is subject to thorough peer reviewing process involving highly competent reviewers. The acceptance decision will be mainly based on the article’s significance, originality, and usefulness to the readers.
Article Format
Article must be written in English using academic writing principles. Preliminary discussions should be kept minimal and the materials published elsewhere should be referenced, instead of paraphrased.  The article must be represented in a consistent manor with clear idea progression. Materials that potentially impair the continuity of the text are strongly encouraged to be placed in the “appendix” section. Authors with language difficulties are encouraged to obtain assistance from colleague(s) fluent in English, before submitting their article.
Submitted articles must be written concisely, in an efficient yet effective fashion. The articles must follow the paper template (link) provided at the end of this page with a maximum length of 8 (eight) pages. IS Journal does not impose any fee for articles complying the condition above. Every submission that has been accepted for publication is subject to a mandatory charge of Rp 250.000,00 (US$ 25.00) for every article page exceeding eight printed pages. Submitted articles must include author(s)’s name; their respective contact information; an abstract not exceeding 400 words; the main sections containing introductory, main, analytical and concluding discussions; figures; tables; equations (when appropriate); appendix section (if necessary); and list of references. The table(s) and/or figure(s) must be located in the main body of the text, instead of at the end of the articles. A manuscript will be returned directly for revision if it does not follow the guidelines above.
Copyright Transfer Form
After an article is accepted for publication, the author(s) must fill-in a copyright transfer form, sign it, and send the signed form to the editor-in-chief’s email (
IS Journal does not acknowledge any form of plagiarism. Any article that is proven to contain such misconduct will be directly removed from any reviewing process and/or publication.
Online Article Submission
Every potential article must be submitted through the online submission page (link to “Submission -> Submit and article” page) and adheres to the stated guidelines. IS Journal does not accept any non-online paper submissions.
Important Files
Please download the paper template (link) and the copyright transfer form (link) for the purpose of paper submission and publication.


Submission and Publication Flow Chart


Please read this following technical details for submission and publication: