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By supporting IS Journal, you promote research without boundaries and contribute to a significant change in Indonesia education:

1. Worldwide open and free access to research and knowledge

2. Support authors who cannot afford the publishing fees

3. Bridging the gap between science and society

IS Journal is an Open Access scientific journal, which sustains that all researchers should be provided with equal opportunities to publish and to access papers by other researchers regardless of their financial constrains. Since IS Journal was launched back in 2013, it has grown considerably, presenting an increasing number of new submissions. In the near future, we are planning to launch a new web portal for diversified Open Access journals in the field of life science and medicine and also social and behavioral science. Funding from several institutions has contributed to the expansion and improvement of IS Journal over the last 1 years. However, we need your support in order to follow on the next IS Journal editions and the future of IS Journal.

Where your donation goes

1. Technology
Servers, bandwidth, maintenance, development. Open Science website runs on a fraction of what other top websites spend.
2. Publication
As an Open Access (OA) publisher, our main goal is to disseminate academic research in every discipline to all people. So your donation will be used to create new Open Access publications.

If you or your organization would like to make a financial contribution to our purpose, please click on the donate button below to submit your donation using Paypal. If you would like to support us in any other ways please feel free to contact us using our email adresses or using the contact form on the right navigation of this website. We will be very happy to hear from you.

Thank you very much.