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Vol.2 2014

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Life Science and Medicine

Usage of Tuba (Derris Eliptic) Root Extract as Environmetally-Friendly Insecticide to Control the Population of Lymantria Beatrix 
Eko Budiyanto, Arvana Rifki Aditya, Ardi Yuli Wardani, C. Budimarwanti

PHP14-siRNA in GPC3-PEGylated Chitosan Nanoparticles: Providing a New Therapeutic Approach for Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Dwijo Anargha Sidhughosa, Stephanie Patricia, Liveina, Ida Bagus Tjakra Wibawa Manuaba
"Anti-Rabies Egg" as Serotheraphy of Rabies Cases
Mohammad Vicky Indra P, Dian Fitriani, Wesrtant, Marisa Rahmanti, Chaterina

Social and Behavioral Science
The Efficacy of Underdog Brand Strategy in Indonesia's Political Marketing
Singgih Setiadi, Harryadin Mahardika
Indigeneity and Democracy in Indonesia (A View of the Toraja Ethnic Group)
Sukri Tamma
Postharvest Integration of Rice and Soybean for Supporting National Food Security
Dini Nur Hakiki, Nurfitri Ramadhani

Mathematics and Engineering
Energy Efficiency Improvement of Trawlers
Alyuan Dasira, Jean-Marc Laurens
Development of Phrase-Based Approach for Answer Finder on Indonesia Factoid Question Answering
Alvin Andhika Zulen, Ayu Purwarianti
Optimization Preparation and Characteristization of ZSM-5 Zeolite Synthesis Using Rice Husk
Chindy Feryandy HB, Simparmin Br Ginting, Hens Saputra
Implementation of Polynomial Basis Squaring
Marisa Paryanto, Budi Rahardjo

Physical Science
Shale Gas as an Alternative Energy in the Fulfillment of Gas Energy Requirement for Indonesian State Electricity Company (PLN) 
Dr. Ing. Ir. H. KRT. Nur Suhascaryo, B.Eng., M.Eng, Hongki Budi Prasetyo