Aims & Scope

InnovatioSports: Journal of Sports Sciences and Innovative Research



"InnovatioSports" aims to support innovative approaches, original research, and significant discoveries in the field of sports sciences and the sports industry. Our primary goal is to promote innovation in the world of sports and contribute to the development of this field by providing readers with the latest advancements in sports sciences.


The "InnovatioSports" journal encompasses a wide range of areas, including:

  1. Sports Sciences and Technology: It examines research and applications related to how sports sciences and advanced technology can optimize athletes' performance.
  2. Exercise Physiology and Nutrition: It focuses on athlete health, nutrition, and exercise physiology.
  3. Sports Psychology and Performance Enhancement: This section concentrates on topics such as mental health, motivation, and psychological support for athletes.
  4. Training Science and Performance Analysis: It explores training methods, performance analysis techniques, and innovative approaches to sports coaching.
  5. Sports Medicine and Health Sciences: This category centers on sports injuries, rehabilitation, and medical research.
  6. Sports Industry and Marketing: It highlights innovations in the sports industry, marketing strategies, and business-related aspects of sports.
  7. Social Responsibility and Societal Impact: It emphasizes the societal effects of sports, community projects, and research on the social responsibility of sports.
  8. Recreation and Leisure Activities: It covers recreation, leisure activities, tourism, hobbies, and entertainment. Research in this field aims to promote the proliferation of sports and enrich the world of sports.
  9. Interdisciplinary Relationships: Our journal includes studies that investigate the interaction and contributions of sports sciences to other disciplines. This interdisciplinary approach reflects our commitment to scientific discoveries and diversity.

"InnovatioSports" is designed to provide innovative ideas and research for the sports science community, researchers, sports managers, coaches, and professionals who are shaping the future of sports. The journal addresses anyone interested in staying updated with the latest developments in sports sciences and advancing the world of sports.