Editorial Team

Publication Owner İnformation

Dr. Mahmut Ulukan
Founding Editor

  • Department of Sports Sciences
  • Expertise: Sports Management
  • About: Dr. Mahmut Ulukan possesses significant potential for future important projects and research endeavours. He is primarily focused on innovations and solutions for the more efficient and effective management of sports organizations in the field of sports management. Furthermore, he is in the process of planning projects related to the sustainability and development of the sports sector. These projects aim to address critical issues in sports management and contribute to the creation of a new vision in this field.
  • Contact: Email: [mhmtulkn@gmail.com]

Dr. Yunus Şahinler
Founding Editor

yunus sahinler

  • Sports Sciences Department
  • Expertise: Exercise and Sport Psychology, Exercise and Sport in Individuals with Disabilities
  • About: Yunus Şahinler has an extensive research background in the fields of exercise and sports psychology. He has conducted in-depth studies, particularly in the area of psychological preparation of athletes, and has contributed to significant articles in this field. Furthermore, he has conducted pioneering research on the psychological effects of exercise and sports on individuals with disabilities. Dr. Şahinler is recognized as a researcher with broad expertise and experience in the fields of sport psychology and exercise psychology.
  • Contact: Email: [yunusahinler@gmail.com]

Selman Utku
Founding Digital Technology Officer

selman utku

  • Department of Sports Sciences, Marmara University
  • Expertise: Sports Technologies, Digital Transformation in Sports
  • About: Selman Utku stands out not only as an expert in sports technologies but also as a designer. He is well-recognized for his extensive knowledge and experience in sports technologies and for his remarkable ability to ensure effective design in this field. He is known for seamlessly integrating technology into sports research and applications while delivering impressive designs. Selman excels in collaborating and communicating to combine technology with outstanding design for the advancement of sports sciences.
  • Contact: Email: [selman.utku@uskudar.edu.tr]

Editorial Board

Dr. Mehmet Ulukan


  • Faculty of Sports Sciences, Aydın Adnan Menderes University
  • Expertise:  Sports Psychology and Mental Preparation, Teacher Education and Development
  • About: Dr. Mehmet Ulukan is a distinguished figure in the field of sports sciences with over 25 years of experience. Throughout his professional journey, he has not only lectured at higher education institutions but also served as a peer reviewer for numerous reputable international journals, alongside publishing numerous academic articles. He has dedicated his career to guiding significant research and projects in the realm of sports sciences, making substantial contributions to the world of sports. Driven by a passion for cultivating the next generation of sports leaders, he focuses on educating and inspiring future experts in the field. With unwavering commitment, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ulukan works tirelessly to enhance the quality and scientific standing of InnovatioSports. Under his leadership, the journal continues to shed light on the advancement and future of sports sciences
  • Contact: Email: [m.ulukan@adu.edu.tr]

Associate Editors

Dr. Hasan Ulukan

  • Faculty of Sports Sciences, Aydın Adnan Menderes University
  • Expertise: Sports Communication
  • About: Dr. Hasan Ulukan is an academic and expert in the field of sports communication. He has extensive experience in the communication strategies of sports organizations, media relations, and promoting sports from athletes to the broader community. He actively contributes to effective and successful communication in sports organizations
  • Contact: Email: [hasan.ulukan@adu.edu.tr]

Dr. Nurgül Özdemir

  • Sport Sciences, Izmir Democracy University
  • Expertise: Sport Sciences, Education Sciences
  • About: Dr. Nurgül Özdemir is a valuable asset to the editorial team of the journal, bringing with her profound knowledge and extensive experience in the field of sports sciences. She is recognized for her interest and expertise in the domains of sports and education sciences. Dr. Nurgül Özdemir demonstrates a high level of professionalism in coordinating the editorial processes of the journal, leading the article review procedures, and maintaining effective communication with authors. Furthermore, she is committed to enhancing the quality of the journal and strives to feature significant studies in the field of sports sciences within its pages.
  • Contact: Email: [nurgul.ozdemir@idu.edu.tr]

Ph.D. Aslı Esenkaya

  • Department of Sports Sciences, Aydın Adnan Menderes University
  • Expertise: Exercise and Sports Psychology
  • About: Ph.D. Aslı Esenkaya stands out with her expertise in exercise and sports psychology. She is also renowned for her work in enhancing athletes' mental performance. Through her knowledge and experience, she enriches our editorial team, focusing on the psychological aspects of sports, and providing valuable insights to our readers.
  • Contact: Email: [asli.esenkaya@adu.edu.tr]

Section Editors

Dr. A. Azmi Yetim (Leadership in Sports Management, Sports Sciences)

Dr. Adnan Ersoy (Sports Management, Sports Sociology and Psychology)

Dr. Ali Erdoğan (Sports Management, Sports Marketing)

Dr. Alparslan Görücü (Exercise and Sports Nutrition)

Dr. Alparslan Ünveren (Sports and Exercise Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Health)

Dr. Alpay Bülbül (Exercise Science, Exercise Performance)

Dr. Alper Kartal (Sports Performance and Training, Health and Exercise Psychology)

Dr. Arslan Kalkavan (Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy, and Rehabilitation)

Dr. Atilla Pulur (Health Sciences, Social and Human Sciences)

Dr. Baybars Recep Eynur (Physical Education and Sports, Sports Sociology)

Dr. Burçin Ölçücü (Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology)

Dr. Erdem Eroğlu (Sports Management and Career Planning)

Dr. Erhan Devrilmez (Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy)

Dr. Fatma Şebnem Akal Ilkhan (Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Pattern Recognition)

Dr. Gizem Başkaya (Exercise and Sport Physiology, Sport Performance and Exercise)

Dr. Gülşah Sekban (Sport and Exercise Psychology, Exercise and Sport Sciences)

Dr. Hamza Kaya Beşler (Sports Technologies, Sports Databases, and Information Management)

Dr. Hasan Akkuş (Physical Activity and Health)

Dr. Mehmet Acet (Sports Techniques and Strategies, Disabled Sports)

Dr. Mehmet Dalkılıç (Sports Facility Management, Sports Strategic Management)

Dr. Mehmet Günay (Physical Education and Sports)

Dr. Mehmet Kılıç (Sports Physiology)

Dr. Mehmet Soyal (Sports Physiology, Physical Education and Sports)

Dr. Murat Akyüz (Exercise Performance, Exercise Physiology)

Dr. Mustafa Can Koç (Leisure Sociology, Sports and Recreation)

Dr. Mustafa Said Erzeybek (Physical Activity and Health)

Dr. Mürsel Biçer (Sports Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology)

Dr. Necip Fazıl Kishalı (Sports Physiology, Sports Medicine)

Dr. Neşe Akpınar Kocakulak (Genetics and Sports Sciences, Sports Biology)

Dr. Nurullah Emir Ekinci (Recreation and Social Sciences)

Dr. Oğuzhan Yüksel (Recreation and Leisure Activities)

Dr. Oruç Ali Uğur (Sports Management)

Dr. Ömer Akyüz (Recreation, Exercise and Sports Nutrition)

Dr. Ömer Şenel (Health Sciences)

Dr. Özlem Ekizoğlu (Exercise and Sports Psychology, Sports Activity Management)

Dr. Özlem Keskin (Physical Activity and Health, Physical Fitness)

Dr. Rıdvan Ekmekçi (Sports Equipment and Technologies, Mental Training)

Dr. Sefa Lök (Sport Sciences, Anatomy)

Dr. Serkan Kızılca (Movement and Exercise, Exercise Physiology)

Dr. Sultan Yavuz Eroğlu (Exercise and Sports Sciences, Sports and Leisure Management)

Dr. Şeniz Karagöz (Physical Activity and Health, Exercise and Nutrition)

Dr. Taner Atasoy (Physical Education and Sports for the Disabled, Sports and Physical Activity)

Dr. Ümit Yetiş (Sports Nutrition)

Dr. Yağmur Akkoyunlu (Movement and Training, Athlete Nutrition)

Ph.D. Halime Dinç (Recreation and Leisure Activities)

Ph.D.. Rıdvan Çakır (Sports Technologies)

Ph.D. Süha Karaca (Spor İşletmeciliği)