About the Journal

About Our Journal

"InnovatioSports Journal is a high-quality, peer-reviewed international electronic journal that encourages advancements and investigations in the areas of Sports Science, Sports Industry, and Health. The journal strives to share groundbreaking research and inventive concepts within the sports science field.

"InnovatioSports," established to aid in the transformation of the sports world, endeavours to furnish pioneering methodologies and investigations that define the course of future sports to researchers, sports managers, coaches, and professionals in the sports industry.

The journal covers the latest developments and research in sports science while also analyzing the societal impact of sports, its connections to business, and related subjects. Each issue of InnovatioSports features original articles from multiple perspectives and interdisciplinary studies.

The platform emphasizes the power and potential of sports and encourages scientifically sound research. Research submitted to our journal must be appropriate for the purpose and scope of the publication and can make significant contributions to the field of sports sciences and health. 

Our journal is dedicated to promoting the advancement of sports while fostering scientific collaboration and knowledge sharing among authors, researchers, and readers. Let us transcend the limits of sports sciences and step towards a brighter future with "InnovatioSports".