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"InnovatioSports Journal" is a peer-reviewed electronic journal that supports the latest developments and research in sports sciences, sports industry, and health fields. Our aim is to contribute to the transformation of the sports world and provide researchers, sports managers, coaches, and sports industry professionals with innovative approaches and research that shape the future of sports.

About the Journal:

  • Relevant Topic and Scope: Our journal accepts articles that align with its defined subject matter and scope.
  • Scientific Standards: Authors are required to adhere to scientific methods, ethical principles, and research quality.
  • Language: Our journal publishes articles in both English and Turkish.
  • Writing Guidelines: It is essential to adhere to the writing guidelines and formats accepted by the journal.
  • Double-Blind Peer Review Process: Our journal follows a double-blind peer review process, where authors are required to keep their identities concealed.
  • Ethical Rules: Adherence to research ethics is a fundamental requirement for our journal.
  • Naming and Citation: Authors submitting their work should name their studies fairly and provide complete and accurate citations.
  • Copyright: The publishing rights of the journal's accepted articles belong to the journal, and authors must agree to this condition.
  • Monitoring and Oversight: A process is established to monitor and oversee authors' compliance with submission requirements.
  • Fees and Licenses: Our journal does not charge any fees to authors. All articles are freely accessible to readers.

Section Editors

  • Dr. A. Azmi Yetim (Leadership in Sports Management, Sports Sciences)
  • Dr. Adnan Ersoy (Sports Management, Sports Sociology and Psychology)
  • Dr. Ali Erdoğan (Sports Management, Sports Marketing)
  • Dr. Alparslan Görücü (Exercise and Sports Nutrition)
  • Dr. Alparslan Ünveren (Sports and Exercise Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Health)
  • Dr. Alpay Bülbül (Exercise Science, Exercise Performance)
  • Dr. Arslan Kalkavan (Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy, and Rehabilitation)
  • Dr. Atilla Pulur (Health Sciences, Social and Human Sciences)
  • Dr. Baybars Recep Eynur (Physical Education and Sports, Sports Sociology)
  • Dr. Burçin Ölçücü (Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology)
  • Dr. Erdem Eroğlu (Sports Management and Career Planning)
  • Dr. Erhan Devrilmez (Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy)
  • Dr. Fatma Şebnem Akal Ilkhan (Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Pattern Recognition)
  • Dr. Gizem Başkaya (Exercise and Sport Physiology, Sport Performance and Exercise)
  • Dr. Gülşah Sekban (Sport and Exercise Psychology, Exercise and Sport Sciences)
  • Dr. Hamza Kaya Beşler (Sports Technologies, Sports Databases, and Information Management)
  • Dr. Hasan Akkuş (Physical Activity and Health)
  • Dr. Mehmet Acet (Sports Techniques and Strategies, Disabled Sports)
  • Dr. Mehmet Dalkılıç (Sports Facility Management, Sports Strategic Management)
  • Dr. Mehmet Günay (Physical Education and Sports)
  • Dr. Mehmet Kılıç (Sports Physiology)
  • Dr. Mehmet Soyal (Sports Physiology, Physical Education and Sports)
  • Dr. Murat Akyüz (Exercise Performance, Exercise Physiology)
  • Dr. Mustafa Can Koç (Leisure Sociology, Sports and Recreation)
  • Dr. Mustafa Said Erzeybek (Physical Activity and Health)
  • Dr. Mürsel Biçer (Sports Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology)
  • Dr. Necip Fazıl Kishalı (Sports Physiology, Sports Medicine)
  • Dr. Neşe Akpınar Kocakulak (Genetics and Sports Sciences, Sports Biology)
  • Dr. Nurullah Emir Ekinci (Recreation and Social Sciences)
  • Dr. Oğuzhan Yüksel (Recreation and Leisure Activities)
  • Dr. Oruç Ali Uğur (Sports Management)
  • Dr. Ömer Akyüz (Recreation, Exercise and Sports Nutrition)
  • Dr. Ömer Şenel (Health Sciences)
  • Dr. Özlem Ekizoğlu (Exercise and Sports Psychology, Sports Activity Management)
  • Dr. Özlem Keskin (Physical Activity and Health, Physical Fitness)
  • Dr. Rıdvan Ekmekçi (Sports Equipment and Technologies, Mental Training)
  • Dr. Sefa Lök (Sport Sciences, Anatomy)
  • Dr. Serkan Kızılca (Movement and Exercise, Exercise Physiology)
  • Dr. Sultan Yavuz Eroğlu (Exercise and Sports Sciences, Sports and Leisure Management)
  • Dr. Şeniz Karagöz (Physical Activity and Health, Exercise and Nutrition)
  • Dr. Taner Atasoy (Physical Education and Sports for the Disabled, Sports and Physical Activity)
  • Dr. Ümit Yetiş (Sports Nutrition)
  • Dr. Yağmur Akkoyunlu (Movement and Training, Athlete Nutrition)
  • Ph.D. Halime Dinç (Recreation and Leisure Activities)
  • Ph.D. Rıdvan Çakır (Sports Technologies)
  • Ph.D. Süha Karaca (Sports Management)

Publication Frequency and First Issue Release Date

Our journal is published twice a year. The release date of our first issue: [December 25, 2023].

Contact Information

For more information about the journal or to submit your applications, please contact us at: editor@isjournal.org; info@isjournal.org

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Current Issue

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2023): InnovatioSports: Journal of Sports Sciences and Innovative Research
InnovatioSports Journal - Tam Sayı - Cilt 1 - Sayı 1 - Yıl 2023

Dear academicians, researchers and sports enthusiasts who are interested in the field of Sports Sciences and Innovative Research,

Sport plays a key role in the process of discovering, transcending and expanding humanity's physical and mental limits. INNOVATIOSPORTS JOURNAL appears as an academic platform that understands the universal importance of sports and aims to increase knowledge in the field of sports sciences.

This journal focuses on innovative research covering various aspects of sport, with an interdisciplinary approach. INNOVATIOSPORTS JOURNAL is designed to bring together original studies, in-depth reviews and discussions in sports science, training science, performance psychology, sports health, sports technology and other related fields.

This journal aims to provide a platform for researchers who wish to share, study and expand knowledge in this exciting and dynamic field. The aim of INNOVATIOSPORTS JOURNAL is to create an environment where scientific knowledge and research come to the fore by focusing on different dimensions of sports.

As the founding editors of INNOVATIOSPORTS JOURNAL, our vision in creating this journal is to capture and share the latest developments in the field of sports sciences, to bring together researchers to interact and understand the broader effects of sports on society.

We sincerely thank all our writers and readers who contribute to this Journal.

INNOVATIOSPORTS JOURNAL is committed to enriching knowledge in this field by continuing to support and publish high-quality studies in sports science and innovative research.

We hope this journal will become a meeting point for a community that wants to celebrate the power of sport and the combination of various interdisciplinary approaches. Together, we are ready to take important steps in this exciting journey in sports science!



Dr. Mahmut ULUKAN | DR. Yunus ŞAHİNLER | MSc. Selman UTKU


Published: 2023-12-25

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ISSN: 3023-5464