Nutritional habits of ice hockey players: A systematic review




ice hockey nutrition, athlete nutritional habits , systematic analysis


This study investigates the nutritional habits of ice hockey players and their impact on performance. A systematic analysis of eight studies conducted between 2018 and 2022 was carried out using data obtained from academic sources, including Google Scholar. The majority of these studies (87.5%) are articles, predominantly covering nutrition-related topics. The analysis indicates that these studies typically use quantitative research methods, frequently incorporating food consumption records and systematic screening methods. The findings demonstrate that the study of nutritional aspects in Turkish ice hockey is limited due to the field's emerging nature. Additionally, the predominance of quantitative methodologies suggests a lack of utilization of qualitative research methods in this area. The study highlights the necessity of qualitative research to comprehend the impact of pre-game, in-game, and post-game nutrition habits on ice hockey players' performance. In this regard, it is ideal to conduct further research on topics such as the consumption of sports drinks, protein bars, and other supplements during rest intervals between game periods, gender disparities, and dehydration. The findings from this research can provide a foundation for upcoming studies on the dietary plans of ice hockey players, aiding the creation of dietary guidelines to enhance athletes' performance.


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