Related Editorial Policies

As InnovatioSports Journal, we adhere to various policies and procedures to ensure the quality and reliability of our publications. The accuracy, transparency, and adherence to ethical standards of the content featured in our publications are of paramount importance to us. In line with this commitment, we have established clear rules and procedures in areas such as authorship and contribution policies, management of complaints and appeals, policy on allegations of misconduct, data and reproducibility policy, ethics oversight policy, intellectual property policy, and policy on post-publication discussions and corrections. Each policy is implemented with a commitment to fair, transparent, and ethical publishing practices aimed at enhancing the quality of our publications and providing valuable information to the community.

Authorship and Contribution Policy

As InnovatioSports Journal, we place great importance on transparently stating authorship and contribution details in the articles we publish. In addition to the requirements for authorship and contribution, we have developed clear policies for managing potential disputes. These policies aim to determine who contributed to the work and in what capacity and to resolve any disputes fairly and transparently.

       Authorship Requirements

  • In every article to be published in our journal, the contributions of all authors must be clearly stated.
  • Authors should indicate the roles they played in the design, data collection, analysis, interpretation, and writing stages of the article.
  • Anyone who has contributed to any part of the article must be listed as an author.

       Contribution Policy

  • The contributions of everyone involved in the article must be identified and documented.
  • Authors are expected to provide clear information about their contributions to specific sections of the article.
  • Each author must clearly understand and accept their contributions and those of other authors in the article.

       Dispute Resolution

  • A fair and transparent process has been established for resolving potential disputes.
  • Communication channels and processes (such as submission to the editor, written communication, meetings, or hearings, etc.) have been established by the journal management to resolve potential disputes among authors.
  • In the event of a dispute, the journal management will listen to the parties involved and take necessary steps to find an objective solution.


Complaints and Appeals Policy

As InnovatioSports Journal, we take the feedback of our readers and stakeholders seriously and are committed to addressing any complaints or appeals effectively. When any reader or stakeholder has a concern or complaint related to the journal, we follow the policies below to ensure that the complaint or appeal is handled effectively:

       Reporting Complaints and Appeals

  • Readers or stakeholders can use the official communication channels of the journal to report any complaint or appeal.
  • Complaints or appeals should be submitted to the journal management in writing or via email.

       Review of Complaints and Appeals

  • The journal management promptly reviews any received complaint or appeal and takes necessary actions.
  • If the complaint or appeal involves a violation of the journal's publication policies or ethical standards, it is addressed immediately, and appropriate corrections are made.

       Resolution of Complaints and Appeals

  • The journal management provides feedback to the complainant and determines the necessary steps for resolving the issue.
  • If necessary, the journal management directly communicates with relevant parties and collaborates to resolve the problem.

       Follow-up on Complaints and Appeals

  • The journal management regularly monitors the resolution process of complaints or appeals and provides feedback to the involved parties.
  • Upon completion of the resolution, the journal management makes necessary corrections and informs the public as needed.


Misuse of Authority Allegations Policy

As InnovatioSports Journal, we value and effectively address allegations of misuse of authority to protect the safety and integrity of our readers, authors, and stakeholders. When there are allegations of misconduct related to the journal by any reader, author, or stakeholder, we follow the policies below to ensure that these allegations are effectively addressed:

       Reporting Allegations

  • Allegations should be reported to the journal management in writing or via email using the official communication channels of the journal.
  • Allegations are conveyed by informants with confidentiality and security, and their identity is kept confidential if necessary.

       Investigation of Allegations

  • The journal management promptly investigates any allegations of misuse of authority received and takes necessary actions.
  • The accuracy and seriousness of the allegations are evaluated, and investigations are conducted to verify the claim or determine its falsehood.

       Resolution of Allegations

  • The journal management provides feedback to the informant and determines the necessary steps to resolve the issue.
  • If the allegations are substantiated, the journal management acts swiftly to make necessary corrections and halt inappropriate behaviour.

       Protection of Informants

  • Informants are fully protected by the journal management when making allegations and do not face any negative consequences.
  • The identity of informants is kept confidential, and they are not subjected to any retaliation or pressure.

       Follow-Up and Reporting

  • The resolution process of allegations is regularly monitored, and feedback is provided to the involved parties.
  • Upon completion of the resolution, the journal management makes necessary corrections and informs the public as needed.


Data and Reproducibility Policy

As InnovatioSports Journal, we adhere to a transparent and comprehensive policy regarding data availability. Our journal has adopted the following policies to emphasize researchers' responsibilities in sharing their data and ensuring reproducibility:

       Data Availability

  • Our journal encourages the sharing of data used in published articles and provides the necessary infrastructure to facilitate this.
  • Researchers should upload the data used in their articles to an appropriate data repository and make it accessible upon publication of the article.

       Reporting Guidelines

  • Our journal encourages researchers to use standard reporting guidelines in clinical research and other study designs.
  • Researchers should report the design, methods, and findings of their studies clearly and comprehensively.

       Promotion of Reproducibility

  • Our journal promotes the reproducibility of research and encourages researchers to make their studies reproducible by others.
  • Researchers should provide detailed descriptions of their study methods and findings, enabling other researchers to replicate their work and achieve similar results.

       Data and Reporting Quality

  • Our journal evaluates the quality of data and reporting in articles to ensure adherence to these quality standards.
  • Researchers should use appropriate methods to ensure the accuracy and reliability of data and report their findings reliably.


Ethical Oversight Policy

As InnovatioSports Journal, we are committed to ensuring the reliability and integrity of our publications by rigorously implementing our ethical oversight policies. With these policies, we aim to promote research that contributes to the scientific community and benefits society. Our journal has adopted a comprehensive ethical oversight policy that includes the following elements:

        Publication Permission Policies

  • Our journal evaluates the compliance of submitted articles with ethical standards and grants publication permission based on these standards.
  • Ethical approvals, when necessary, must be obtained from research ethics boards or relevant institutions and provided during article submission.

       Publications Involving Vulnerable Groups

  • We encourage the ethical conduct and reporting of research involving children, elderly individuals, individuals with disabilities, and other vulnerable groups.
  • Special permission may be required for the publication of research involving vulnerable groups, and these permissions must be provided during article submission.

       Ethics of Animal Experiments

  • We uphold ethical standards and animal welfare in research conducted on animals.
  • Our journal encourages obtaining ethical approvals for animal experiments and promotes the reduction, alleviation, and alternative methods in animal use.

       Ethics of Human Subjects

  • We ensure the ethical conduct of research involving human subjects and protect the rights of participants.
  • Researchers must obtain ethical approvals for research involving human subjects and obtain consent from participants.

       Privacy and Confidential Data

  • Our journal ensures the necessary privacy standards for processing and reporting confidential data.
  • Researchers must take appropriate security measures to protect confidential data and ensure the confidentiality of data.

       Ethical Practices in Business and Marketing

  • We encourage adherence to ethical standards in business and marketing fields and ensure ethical oversight of research in these areas.
  • Research exposing unethical business and marketing practices is carefully evaluated by our journal, and necessary steps are taken to rectify or retract such publications.


Intellectual Property Policy

As InnovatioSports Journal, we commit to ensuring that our intellectual property policy adheres to ethical and fair publishing standards. This policy aims to protect the rights of both authors and readers while contributing valuable insights to the scientific community. In this regard, we clearly define our intellectual property policy, which encompasses the following elements:

       Copyright and Publishing Licenses

  • All content published in our journal is protected by the copyrights of the authors.
  • Authors grant the journal a publishing license when they allow their articles to be published in our journal. These licenses are typically open licenses such as Creative Commons licenses, which grant specific rights to readers regarding the use of the articles.

       Cost and Fee Policy

  • The costs associated with published articles in our journal are clearly outlined and shared with the authors. No fees are charged to authors, and no payment is required for publication.
  • Readers have free access to the content of our journal. We adhere to open-access principles, allowing readers to access articles free of charge.

       Preprint Policy

  • Works that have undergone the evaluation process but have not yet been published are considered preprints in our journal. These works are published on our journal's website and made accessible to readers.
  • Preprints are an important tool to support the reputation of our journal and contribute to the scientific community.

       Plagiarism and Redundant/Duplicate Publications

  • Our journal adopts a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism and redundant/duplicate publications. Plagiarism refers to the act of copying or quoting others' work without proper attribution. Redundant/duplicate publications involve the publication of the same or similar work in different journals.
  • Claims of plagiarism and redundant/duplicate publications are carefully investigated, and necessary actions are taken. These actions may include the retraction of the article or banning authors from such behaviour.


Post-Publication Discussions and Corrections Policy

As InnovatioSports Journal, we take all necessary steps to ensure that post-publication discussions and corrections are addressed openly and fairly. We adopt the following policies to ensure that discussions and corrections related to published articles are handled transparently:

        Discussion Platforms

  • Our journal allows various platforms for discussions related to published articles. These platforms may include the journal's official website, letters sent to the editor, or external review platforms. Readers and researchers can share their opinions and criticisms regarding articles through these platforms.

       Correction and Retraction Mechanisms

  • When errors or deficiencies are identified in published articles, our journal initiates correction or retraction mechanisms. Errors or inaccuracies identified by authors or other relevant parties are reported to the editor.
  • Our journal takes the necessary steps promptly to correct or retract the article. During this process, the views and suggestions of relevant parties are taken into account. When errors or inaccuracies in the article are corrected or when the article is retracted, this is communicated to the readers.

       Letter to the Editor Submission Process

  • Readers and researchers can convey their thoughts or criticisms regarding published articles by sending a letter to the editor. The editor carefully reviews these letters and, when appropriate, publishes them in the journal's pages. This process facilitates the encouragement of scientific discussions and open communication.

       External Review Platforms

  • Our journal allows published articles to be reviewed on external review platforms. Comments and reviews made through these platforms are considered by the journal's editors, and appropriate measures are taken when necessary.